Nov 1, 2013

Fall 2013: Hottest Television Drama Series

Wall Street Journal Cheat Sheet's Thomas Mentel shared his view of the five best dramas currently running on television. Most of the shows have been favored by critics and viewers alike over multiple seasons. These shows have been nominated and have won multiple awards and are usually the focus of the water cooler gossip each week. Let's see what Mentel says is trending:

Homeland  (Season 3)

The series premiered October 2, 2011 and quickly snatched an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Drama Series. Clair Danes leads the series as CIA Officer Carrie Mathison who immediately brings to mind Jodie Foster's character Clarice Starling from the movie "Silence of the Lambs". One NY Times critic wrote the "show has a surge of energy" giving viewers "reasons to keep watching".

Broadwalk Empire (Season 4)

During the past three seasons, the series garnered 40 Primetime Emmy Award nominations. That should tell you something about the quality of the cast and storylines of Broadwalk Empire. The series is based on accounts of a politician who ran multifaceted crime operations in Atlantic City N. J. during Prohibition. A unique element of the plot line explores race relations among the players in a serious endeavor which includes money, power and sex. Viewers have every reason to conclude that strong storyline and excellent acting will continue in Season 4.

Downton Abbey (Season 4)
Downton Abbey, an outstanding period drama, returns in Season 4, having won numerous nominations and awards in recognition of its efforts. The storylines follow the changing lives of the Crawley family, set against the backdrop of the post-Edwardian era. Some critics may be somewhat negative about the series, claiming "to many tragedies and extraordinary twists of fate". viewers, however are expected to continue to support the show, even in spite of the critics.

The Good Wife (Season 5)

The Good Wife has been nominated for 24 Primetime Emmy Awards. Award winning actress Julianna Margulies is the cornerstone of the series, portraying the wife of a fallen politician who mirrors real life figure Eliot Spencer. The critics expect the series to maintain its high quality storylines which are resolved in each episode and the superb acting which is a special feature of the series.

Masters of Sex (Season 1)

This Showtime drama series is in its first season and has already been renewed for season two. The show focus on the work of researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson which focused on human sexuality. One critic suggests that the show will "enlighten and entertain" while contending for industry awards.

Scandal (Season 3)

Thomas Mentel's list did not include Scandal, one of my favorite television drama series. The drama stars Kerry Washington as Washington Fixer Olivia Pope, girlfriend to President Fitzgerald Grant who happens to be married. Over the past two season, Fitz and Olivia have struggled to stay apart, but find themselves consistently yielding to temptation. The show weathered the drama of a group who conspired to steal a presidential election and now faces Operation Remington where, during his time as a special forces pilot, Fitz brought down a commercial airliner carrying 300 civilians which included Maya Pope, Olivia's mother. To make matters worse, the plot was orchestrated by Rowan Pope, her father. The drama continues to build. What's going to happen to Fitz's reelection campaign and his relationship with Olivia?  In addition, in real life Kerry Washington is newly married and recently announced that she is expecting a baby. What impact will that fact have on the series? Inquiring minds want to know and this will keep fans glued to Scandal each week.



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