Jan 20, 2012

TV Faves Suited Up

October 13, 2011 was National Suit Up Day. Entertainment Weekly highlighted 22 actors for their fashion sense which made them tailor-made for the celebration. They included some of my TV faves. Here they are showcased and all suited up:

JON HAMM as Don Draper on Mad Men

Hamm's '60s ad man may have single-handedly revived an interest in the classic two-button suit with a look that men aspire to and women swoon over.

MATT BOMER as Neal Caffrey on White Collar

This con man/art thief may have plenty of substance to go along with his style, but it doesn't make his Dapper Dan act any harder on the eyes.

IDRIS ELBA as Detective John Luther on Luther

Idris Elba won the 2012 Golden Globe® for Best Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture for Television starring as the near-genius detective struggling to cope with his own demons.
Elba played Russell "Stringer" Bell, a Baltimore drug lord and aspiring businessman, in HBO's The Wire. He appeared on The Office, playing Charles Miner, Michael Scott's new boss.

DAVID BOREANAZ as Booth on Bones

With all his eccentric tweaks to his standard FBI attire — the ''Cocky'' belt buckle, the whimsical socks — this Special Agent (and once-again Ranger sniper) seems to have his sights set on stopping traffic. No problem there

JEFFREY DONOVAN as Michael Westen on Burn Notice

Okay, for Michael Westen the shades oftentimes complete the ensemble, but with or without them he floors us with his ability to skirt trouble, save the day, and look amazing in his linen suits.



The funny, pop-culture obsessed special agent adds a whole lot more than his observational expertise to a crime scene when he shows up in a dress suit.


NATHAN FILLION as Richard Castle on Castle

The successful mystery writer has a taste for the finer things. His expensive suits are one of the things that make him stand out when he's rubbing elbows with his NYPD pals.

ANDERSON COOPER on Anderson Cooper 360

CNN's silver fox expertly delivers the hard-hitting news but sometimes we get a little distracted by the sharp wardrobe

MATT LAUER on the Today Show

We've watched him go from the new guy to the elder statesman, and we have to say that aside from the occasional Halloween crossdressing excursion, he's gone through the years cutting a striking figure out on the plaza in his suits.

SIMON BAKER as Patrick Jane on The Mentalist

It doesn't take Jane's keen observational skills to see he is always one well-dressed man. Loved him in his earlier series The Guardian and in the film "Something New" with Sanaa Latham.

THOMAS GIBSON as Aaron Hotchner on Criminal Minds

''Hotch'' may be so tightly wound that his tie seems more like an appendage than an article of clothing, but what's so wrong about a man with nothing out of place?

Did I miss your favorite TV hunk? There's always room for additions, so leave your comment and let me know who I missed.  I'll follow up and deliver him to the EQ just like the others-all suited up!



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