Jan 24, 2012

Beauty Wigs: Synthetic Wigs vs. Human Hair

Over the past few years, wigs have made a significant statement in fashion as well as style. Wigs can be used to cover thinning or balding hair from illness, and also be used for a style change or even a color change in hair.

Some of the things to consider when purchasing you wig is price, quality, and how you plan to use your wig.

Prices can vary greatly when purchasing wigs. Human hair wigs generally cost more than synthetic wigs. Human hair can generally be colored, perm, and heat treated. Most synthetic wigs cannot be chemically rearranged or heated with a flat or curling iron. Celebrity endorsed wigs also come with a greater price. When it comes to wigs, you basically get what you pay for.

Synthetic wigs are very easy to care for, in comparison to human hair wigs. A wig should be washed after it has been worn 10-12 times. Washing instructions will vary depending on if the hair is human or synthetic.

Use products designed for wigs to keep them looking natural and last longer. Also keep wigs on a mannequin head while not using. This will keep its shape and hold the style.

Just remember, it’s you choice whether you choose human or synthetic hair.  Just buy something that’s comfortable on your head and have fun!



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